Monday, 25 March 2019

An Question by Transgender to Government and to public

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A Transgender woman Dr. Akkai Padmashali is a transgender rights activist ask an uncomfortable question to Indian government -

Addressing Note by a Transgender

Dear hijras, kothis, jogapas, marmalades, shivshaktis homosexual men, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, distinguished ladies and gentlemen, an honour, a privilege to be here today. People said, I'm black, I'm not a woman. They are always worried about, whatever dress I wear, whatever food I eat. I'm not bothered about society. I'm just bothered about my identity. Society has made certain norms, certain rules and regulations.. when you stand against those rules and regulations, you are excommunicated. You are excommunicated. I'm not hurt, when my father, my parents, poured hot water on my legs. I was not hurt, when my family threw me out of the family institution I was not hurt, when my friends they sexually harassed me I was not hurt, when my police people took me to the police station and charged false cases against me I'm not hurt, when I was raped I'm not hurt, when the society threw stones, eggs, tomatoes or cow-dunk against me. But, I'm hurt, I'm disappointed the same, Indian Penal Code, Section 377 said. All sexual minorities are criminals before the country. 

Why am I a criminal? 

Living in the 21st century, with pride and dignity, I say that I'm a black beauty. I don't. I don't conform by the socially constructed norms. I'm a woman without a vagina, I'm a woman without a uterus, I am a woman without breasts, I'm a woman without periods. I challenge the patriarchal male society norms, rules and regulations. I do claim, with pride and dignity. I'm a woman with this identity. Someone was asking, who is this madam? Totally covered, not showing her body. I show my body when I sleep next to my partner. who is this woman? So many people were escorting me.

I said this song comes to my mind.
"I born as a male, my feelings changed. when I was 8 years, my feelings were feminine. I started behaving like a girl, I started walking like a girl. I started dressing like a girl, when my parents forced me to stop myself when my parents forced me to stop myself, I was beaten up, I was locked up, I was beaten up, I was locked up. I was tortured by my parents.. my schoolmates, my college-mates, my friend circle, my neighbor started teasing me. Like chakka, like a wombat, like sangha something-something. I joined to work, colleagues came to know me. I'm feminine. They started teasing, they started blaming, they started sexually harassing there was nobody to ask these things. I started doing sex work, I started doing sex work, I did for 4 years. I was not very happy. This kind of torture, violence, harassment is not faced only by me. There are other transgenders, who face a similar problem. Where to live, where to share, where to express, where to survive life? You should tell us, you should tell us. you should tell us what to do." Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The Basic concept of Sex, Gender and Sexuality

We live in the 21st century, we don't know the basic concept of sex, gender sexuality. When you speak the word 'sex', it is prejudiced. Its unspoken terminology. 

What is Sex, Gender and Sexuality? 

Sex is an art of three beautiful letters and one word. Why so much prejudice to speak about sex? What is gender? Based on your sex, while you take birth. The socially constructed norms assign to you certain categories, you'll have to follow it. When you're not practising that socially constructed norms, you're crossing the boundary. You are against your culture, religion, tradition etc. Then, you are socially excluded. You are socially excommunicated. What does sexuality mean? Two individual persons right to privacy. Be it homosexual, lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual many sexualities come under. When one section, I feel very disappointed to speak about this, we live in the 21st century and we still struggle for identity, bread, butter, clothing, housing, education, employment, marriage, adoption, inheritance and majority deciding for minorities. Why should the majority decide against minorities? And, who gave you the power to decide for minuscule minorities? If you're taking that strong objection, of you wanting to decide for minorities, I take a strong objection, who gave you the authority for that? The 'so-called' men born with a penis cannot dominate against a woman, a 'so-called' woman who is born with a vagina, or the penis, cannot dominate against this section. who is being totally excluded, marginalized, oppressed, socially excluded, socially rejected? Why are we seeing this injustice in society?
Is it marriage first, or is it identity first?
I stand for identity. In the 21st century, the whole of society has a problem. If you wear a skirt, there is a problem. If you eat beef, there is a problem. If you're a Dalit, there is a problem. If you're a minority category, there is a problem. If you're a majority, society accepts you. in a 'so-called' compromising your patriarchal notion. I am against communalism, I'm against fundamentalism, I am against globalization, I'm against sexism, I'm against anti-feminist thinking. I still believe I'll strongly do stand for what is called socialism and secularism. The Indian Constitution upholds, Indian Constitution upholds, for a right to equality. One section is being dejected. that's the transgender community. Being a transgender, you're a criminal in the country. Why? Your family, your friends, your siblings, your neighbours, your state, your educational institutions are so phobic.. Why are you so phobic? The Delhi High Court in 2009 said consensual sex between adults in privacy is not punishable. The judgement did not speak about sex, it spoke about a person's dignity in the context of sexual minorities. 
The religious fundamentalists who oppose before the honourable Supreme Court,  4 and a half years before that, lakhs and lakhs of people came on the streets and celebrated our freedom, our victory, and said, "We're proud to be what we are." After 4 and a half years, what happened maybe some of you know that. The honourable Supreme Court of India said, No. Delhi High Court judgement is unconstitutional. And you're a minuscule minority, Section 377 will be referred to, by the Indian Parliament. What happened in the Parliament? Unanimously, the MPs rejected human sexuality, and human gender identities are concerned.
My question to the Indian Parliament, why did you reject sexuality and gender issues concerned?
Honourable Prime Minister, break your silence. Why did India take a neutral stand in the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting? To form an anti-discrimination law, where gender orientation or sexual orientation is concerned, Why did India take a neutral stand? The largest democracy in the world, crossing 130 crores of the population, I shall say this. I came here, all the way from Bangalore.  to be part of Josh Talks. to say this word. Being a person, we cannot belong to one city, one road, one region, one state, one country. As a youth, Its a sense of responsibility, and we need to be down to the world population, whatever happens across the world, across the globe. that's our issue. How do we stand together for a just and non-discriminatory world? Envision a just society, for what we are and I'm proud to be what I'm here for today, And I represent the 10% of the Indian population, who is talking about sexuality and gender. I have a request for all of you. Can I place my request? Do you discriminate any person who is a non-heterosexual or a non-gender conformist? If such a person, you see on the street, do you tease them? If you've done that, its against social justice. Any communities, who are being dejected based on our class, caste, region, religion, gender, sexuality, language, ethnicity- that's against humanity and social justice. Let's stand together, for a just society and ensure that judge not, support gender identity, judge not, support sexual diversity. Thank you, happy to be here today again. Thank you so much, thank you!

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