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Welcome to the https://www.yourgaypride.com. This blog is about the education, information and History of LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender) Community in India and as well as the world.  
We are Shobhit Kumar, Aman Srivastava and Pranjal Gupta, the authors of this blog. By profession, we are engineers. We have done a lot of research about the LGBT community. We love to know to collect information about society. That’s why I decided to share the knowledge and help the people. This is our love for a society that I am here with you sharing our content at https://www.yourgaypride.com.

Our Vision
To educate society to provide adequate information about the LGBT community.   We want to ensure that most of the people should be aware of the transgender and treated as a part of the main society.  Our mission is to protect the right of LGBT Community &   to convert them from losers to the winner in all fields by education and motivation.

One day suddenly an idea came to our mind about helping and guiding the aspirants and free thinker of our society.  We are not saying that we have become an expert about the issue. But actually it is an ever learning process and I am also yet a student and try to understand the problem of our society.
I am here just to share our knowledge with you guys. Hope your cooperation and support with us!

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